Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1st, 2012

Hour 1

The Sea and Cake: Afternoon Speaker
Sparklehorse: Weird Sisters
Degenerates: Jo
Houseguest: Up Nights (At Ghost Sites)
The Eastern Stars: Secret #
Bibio: Jealous of Roses (CSLSX Remix)
Him: Magnified Features
The Weinberg Method: Animosity
M Frog: We Are Crazy (Instrumental)
Weevie: What's Going On

Hour 2

Wagon Christ: Night Owls
The XX: Angels (Four Tet Remix)
Bruce Haack: Incantation
Food Pyramid: Orange Alert
Elisa Luu: Il Tempo di Capire
Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX: Runnin
Nick Drake: Three Hours
Strand of Oaks: End in Flames
Alexi Murdoch: Orange Sky
John Fahey: The Transcendental Waterfall
Lyle Sweden: Lovers Fool/Strings

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