Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012

Hour 1

Sides of a Cube: A Prayer for a Tractor
Bear: If There's Such a Thing As Angels
Stormandstress: An address that was to skip ahead of the gallop of its own sperm and eggs and wait for itself in the future: letter to 2096
Grandaddy: Our Dying Brains
Helium: Honeycomb
DOT: Safe In The Knowledge
NEØV: Windvane
Anubian Lights: Walking Eagle
Fierce Creatures: Babbity Abbot

Hour 2

Delay Trees: HML
The National: So Far Around The Bend
Grizzly Bear: A Simple Answer
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski: Moi Aussi
Le Grand Orchestre du Splendid: Radio Pirate
French B: Je M'en Souviens
Sleepy Boy Moe: Sleepy Boy Moe
Menomena: Queen Black Acid
Joy: Untitled #3
Lou Barlow and Friends: Synthstrument
Colleen et les Boîtes à Musique: The Sad Panther
Shigeto: Huron River Drive
Dan Deacon: Prettyboy

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