Monday, April 16, 2012

April 12th, 2012

Hours 1

Yppah: Blue Schwinn
Helado Negro: Octubre
Area: Cellicos
Dylan Ettinger: Maude
Sapphire Slows: You Got True Breath
The Swords Project: The New Assassin
Massive Attack: Teardrop
Have a Few Get Some: Epidemic
Evening Episode: Photocopied Residence
Fleck+Fumie: From the Morning

 Hour 2

Pedro: Amber
Ereid: Take 2
Team Forest: Your Wings
DJ Wally: A Day in the Life
Badbadnotgood: Bastard/Lemonade
Faunts: Feel.Love.Thinking.Of
Nick Drake: Time Has Told Me
Joy Division: She's Lost Control
Andrei Rodionov: Catch Up The Computer (Cross)
Theesatisfaction: QueenS
Gun Lake: Cliffhanger
Dinasaur Feathers: Beatcha

 Hour 3

Kishi Bashi: Bright Whites
Curtains: Fell On a Rock & Broke It
Fishcerspooner: Danse En France
Broken Spindles: Italian Wardrobe
Daniel Johnston: Love Won't Quit
Sun Kil Moon: Glenn Tipton
Lotus Plaza: Dusty Rhodes
Disappears: Joa
Blouse: They Always Fly Away
Young Adult: For My Love, There Is A Light
Low: Don't Understand

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